Helping – March 27

Daily Dose Helping
Shopping for Food, Medicine and Ice Cream
Before leaving and navigating the potentially germ-filled environment that is out there, please log on to Ralphs (See instructions HEREand put “Valley Jewish Community Center” as your charity – This is a great way to help us keep our doors open (and when allowed, our doors open!) in order to provide you with great programming, services and “a second home for you and your family.”
Also, some info you may already know:
Ralphs: opens 7:00-7:30 am for Seniors
Whole Foods: opens 7:00 am for Seniors
Trader Joes: opens at 9:00 am and has method of allowing a few people at a time
Please check your local stores for more updates on times
Please check your local stores for more updates regarding opening times.
See next Friday for more “Daily Doses for Helping Your JCC”
We accept all Ways to Help Support Your JCC.
Just send them to and we will post them.