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Hanukkah Box Instructions

The Hanukkah story tells how the Maccabees fought for three long years against the ancient Greeks for religious freedom and the ability to practice Judaism openly. Today, we can learn from the Maccabees about determination and perseverance, as we too fight for what is right and just. Hashtag us on Facebook so we can see your designs #valleyjcc


Perler beads Hanukkah pendant:
Assemble the beads on the perler board magen david – use the wax paper and gently use an iron on the wax paper until the beads melt together. 

Hanukkah Themed Bracelet
Improve your little ones fine motor skills by creating a unique bracelet

Shamash Candle
Place a wick on the side of the shorter end of  the bees wax sheet, roll it up to create your candle

Decorate Your Own Menorah
We supply the tiles, gemstones, and sequins – let your kids get creative by painting their menorah and dressing it up with anything you have around the house – buttons, toys etc. Get creative!

Driedel game – play a fun game of dreidel 

  1. Each player puts one item from his pile of tokens into the center, making a ‘pot’.

  2. Players take turns spinning the dreidel. …

  3. At the end of a player’s turn, every player places another token into the pot.

  4. When the player runs out of pieces, they are either out of the game or can ask another player for a loan.

Land on “nun” (נ) and nothing happens.
Land on “gimmel” (ג) and you get to take the whole pot.
Land on “hay” (ה) and you take half of the pot.
Land on “shin” (ש) and you must give a predetermined amount back into the pot.

A Special Story Read by Mensch on a Bench

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Have a very happy & safe Hanukkah! Thank you for your support!