Terrific Tastings: Distinctively Delicious Donuts
Sunday, May 30
1-2:15pm (PT)
Order by May 16th!

What happens when a donut fanatic meets a flavor-obsessed pastry chef? Pure bliss! Imagine intense, full-bodied layers of flavor on small donuts that are baked, not fried, which allows the flavors to bloom without being weighed down by oil; almost like mini-Bundt cakes, but, better …way, Way, WAY better! A perfectly sized mini indulgence! Real fruits, nuts and spices are chopped, squeezed, zested and roasted to create delicious, evocative flavors!

Let us deliver a curated collection of 12 mini-donuts to your front door, then pour yourself a cup of tea/coffee (or maybe a glass of champagne?!!) and join culinary host James Sokol for an interesting, delicious, and fun guided tasting & discussion with Dan Stevens (Founder) and Tarran Hatton (Pastry Chef) of BlissBomb Donuts.

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