Talking with Children about Sexuality
Tuesday, May 10 – 1-2:15pm (PT)on Zoom

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There is an Igbo saying, “It takes a village to raise a family.” This reinforces the idea that a child’s life is nourished and enriched when they have multiple trusted adults to talk with about the topics that matter most to them. In many cases, they are less comfortable asking their parent(s) questions about sexuality and growing up, and are more comfortable asking aunts, uncles, grandparents or other adults they know well.

Whether the children or teens in your life identify as LGBTQ+ — or whether they just have questions about these topics — this workshop can help prepare you to talk with them about it.
Join moderator James Sokol and special guest Dr. Elizabeth Schroeder for a discussion of tips on how to answer questions about sexuality, as well as how to bring the topic up with the young people in our lives.

No need to be shy….ask your burning questions anonymously via private chat with our moderator & special guest! If you’re wondering about something, most likely, so are many others.

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