Daring Discussions: Making Sense of LGBTQ+
Tuesday, March 8 – 1-2:15pm (PT) on Zoom

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Join in our new series in which we open Pandora’s box to discuss topics that some consider challenging, uncomfortable, maybe taboo, but always interesting and important.

So many letters! So many terms! Join moderator James Sokol and special guest Dr. Elizabeth Schroeder to get the latest information and language relating to sexual orientation (who we’re attracted to) and gender identity (our maleness, femaleness, or combination of the two). Understand how these two important parts of who we are relate to and are different from each other. Receive specific guidance on how to be supportive of friends and family members of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

No need to be shy….ask your burning questions anonymously via private chat with our moderator & special guest! If you’re wondering about something, most likely, so are many others.

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