A Musical Voyage: Italy, Poland, Germany

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

1-2pm (PT), 2-3pm (MT), 3-4pm (CT), 4-5pm (ET)

on Zoom

In honor of Domenico Scarlatti‘s birthday (Oct 26), Pianist Nada begins a beautiful program with the Neapolitan composer’s Seven Sonatas.

Polish composer Frederic Chopin published his first set of Études in 1833, which he later dedicated to his friend Franz Liszt. Today, Nada plays a selection of five of the 12 Études, which make up his Opus 10, including:

German-Jewish composer Felix Mendelssohn’s Variations Serieuses in D minor, op. 54 were written as part of a campaign to raise funds for a large bronze statue of Beethoven to be placed in his hometown of Bonn. Consisting of a theme and 17 variations, many of which require technical virtuosity, this Mendelssohn masterpiece is an exciting way to end the program.

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